Welcome to ExposureScience.Org

At ExposureScience.Org, we host research projects in the field of exposure science, providing a forum for scientists and researchers to collaborate and exchange ideas. We also provide public access to a variety of scholarly materials and information resources that are related to the different projects that we host. Visitors to the site can download published articles, reports, software, and data related to a given set of research work.

To request an account please fill out the registration form. To request contributor privileges, to start a new group, or to volunteer to manage a group, please send an email to Dr. Klepeis using the email contact form.

Private Groups: This site contains private group areas where research discussions and posts can be made prior to any formal publication or release to the public. As a registered user you can request to join or start any number of groups.

Because ExposureScience.Org offers an integrated set of materials for each project, site collaborators and public visitors are better able to understand, use, and apply the research, and to extend the work as part of new research efforts.

The current emphasis at ExposureScience.Org is exposure modeling and real-time air quality monitoring, and the results of experiments and surveys designed to test or parameterize exposure models.

The intended users of this website are researchers, students, educators, and the interested public. The benefits of a convenient resource for integrated research materials include the following:

  1. investigators can more easily evaluate, understand, and reproduce important scientific findings, thereby accelerating the pace of scientific discovery, and
  2. students have access to current and comprehensive information, which enhances
    their educational experience.

If you are interested in contributing material to the website, please request an account. Once you have an account, you will be able to join certain groups right away and request to join other groups and become a contributor. Send an email to Dr. Klepeis to request membership and contributor status in a given group. As a contributor, you can upload documents and other materials describing research activities and any related data or software that were collected, developed, or used in performing the research. Before submitting copyrighted material, please read about the copyright policies for different scientific publishers.

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