Saving Data with the Sidepak Built-In Logger

In this video, I demonstrate how to set the TSI Sidepak AM510 aerosol monitor to automatically save data in its internal memory.

  1. Turn on the Sidepak by pressing the pink "Page" button on the far left of the front control panel
  2. Wait for the Sidepak to enter in Survey Model
  3. Press the "Page" button again to enter the MAIN MENU
  4. Press the down arrow key until you see Setup and the press the Enter key
  5. Page down until you see the Logging Interval submenue
  6. Press Enter and set the new logging interval using the arrow keys
  7. Press Enter again to save your setting
  8. Press the Page button repeated to return to the MAIN MENU and select the "Data Log" menu by pressing Enter
  9. Select the Run Manual option and press Enter
  10. The Sidepak will now store readings at the specified logging interval until you press Enter twice to stop logging