Multi-Chamber Indoor Air Quality Model (MIAQ)

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Nazaroff WW and Klepeis NE (2001) "The Multi-Chamber Indoor Air Quality Model (MIAQ)." http://ExposureScience.Org/MIAQ.


Research software for predicting the time-evolution of gaseous and particulate air pollutants in an arbitrary number of connected zones. Accounts for emissions, ventilation, deposition, coagulation, and chemical reactivity.

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Written in Fortran-77; Compiles with GNU gfortran on a wide variety of platforms.


Originally authored by William W. Nazaroff while a doctoral student in the Environmental Engineering Science Department at the California Institute of Technology. Updated and maintained by Neil Klepeis.


UC Berkeley

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California Institute of Technology (CalTech); Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

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December 14, 2001

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