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How to Contribute or Join a Group

We welcome you to join ExposureScience.Org!

Anyone can join ExposureScience.Org and become involved in an online community of researchers.

Please create a new account by filling out the registration form. You account should be approved quickly, as long as you provide an indication of your interests in exposure science. To request a new online group or to be given contributor privileges, and/or to volunteer to manager a group, please send an email to Dr. Klepeis using the contact form.

Serving Researchers and the General Public

For researchers, ExposureScience.Org offers a chance to communicate and collaborate with other scientists and to showcase past work, making it available for others who may not otherwise be able to find it or access it. Whether you perform research or not, you can contribute to the website by posting useful exposure-related information and forum topics.

Private Collaborative Groups

We maintain different private sections of the website where members can post materials for special interest groups (for example, tobacco smoke monitoring or software used in human exposure analysis). When registering, you can request to join different groups, such as the "Project Contributors Group" to contribute research materials. You can also request to join the "Researchers Group" or another group involved with an area of research that interests you.

Please send an email to Dr. Klepeis using the contact form if you have any questions about contributing or joining/starting a specific research group.

What is Exposure Science?

This website provides visitors with information and materials regarding research projects in human exposure. The field of human exposure is defined as the study of human contact with toxic chemical, physical or biological agents occurring in a specific environment. Toxic agents may travel through air, water, soil, or food systems before reaching a human being's lungs, skin, or gut. Exposure scientists aim to advance knowledge of the mechanisms and dynamics of events that may cause or prevent adverse health in people.


The goal of this website is to provide a research community focal point, educational resource, and clearinghouse for integrated freely-available scholarly information and software related to the science of human exposure.

What's Here?

This website contains integrated material on projects related to the science of human exposure assessment. The scope includes pretty much everything related to understanding or estimating human exposure.

We host documents, software, and data sets related to specific projects that can be downloaded from the site. In addition, we manage a site-wide bibliography of exposure-related citations, as well as links to external resources of interest to exposure scientists.

Who and Why?

This website was founded by Dr. Neil E. Klepeis, who is a trained Human Exposure & Environmental Health Scientist. The website is intended as an independent public service and resource for the scientific community. It is not officially affiliated with any government agency or industry group. The main authors of materials on this website are academic researchers.


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