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Welcome to ExposureScience.Org

At ExposureScience.Org, we host research projects in the field of exposure science, providing a forum for scientists and researchers to collaborate and exchange ideas. We also provide public access to a variety of scholarly materials and information resources that are related to the different projects that we host. Visitors to the site can download published articles, reports, software, and data related to a given set of research work.

To request an account please fill out the registration form. To request contributor privileges, to start a new group, or to volunteer to manage a group, please send an email to Dr. Klepeis using the email contact form.

Welcome to the Environmental Health Simulation Page

This section is an extension and complement to exposurescience.org and is meant as a space for researchers developing, using, and generally interested in simulations applied to environmental health and exposure science. Theoretical concepts in statistics, stochastic processes, computational methods, and modeling frameworks are all topics of interest, as are applications of simulations in environmental health, human exposure assessment and analysis, pharmacokinetics, health risk, and environmental science.

Setting a New Password

If you have not been able to access the Exposure Science website because you have forgotten your password. There is an easy way to set a new one!

Simply go to the following URL and enter your email address:


After clicking on "Email new password", an email will be sent to you that tells you how to gain access to your account and make a new password.

If you are still having problems, please send me an email.

Getting Around the Website

The website is organized to allow direct access to the elements of specific research projects. Elements include documents, presentations, data sets, software, etc. By clicking on the links along the top of the page, users can see comprehensive lists of each type of material, regardless of the project it is associated with. Alternatively, if a user is interested in materials related to a given topic area or project, they can click on the link for "Matrix of Research Projects" in the navigation panel on the left.


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