Introducing the SidePak Controls and Menus

In this video I give a little introduction to turning on and off the SidePak AM510 aerosol monitor and navigating the menu system.

  1. Turn on the SidePak by pressing the leftmost pink "Page" button
  2. The SidePak takes a few moments to warm up
  3. When warmed up the SidePak LCD will display "Survey Mode" along the top and the current mass particle (aerosol) concentration along the bottom
  4. The units of the shown concentration are milligrams per cubic meter
  5. The units can be converted to micrograms per cubic meter by multiple by 1000
  6. Press the "Page" button to reach the MAIN MENU
  7. Then use the up and down arrow keys to find the submenu item of interest
  8. Press the "Return" Button (Angled Arrow) to enter a submenu or to accept any changes you have made
  9. Press the "Page" button multiple times to return to the MAIN MENU
  10. Hold the "Page" button for 3 seconds to turn off the monitor