Installing and Cleaning Sidepak Impactors

In this video, I describe the TSI Sidepak AM510 impactors and demonstrate how to clean and install them.

  1. The impactors at the inlet of the Sidepak remove particles above a specified particle size cut-off, e.g., 2.5 micrometers or 10 micrometers.
  2. The most appropriate impactor for use with monitorihng tobacco smoke is the 2.5 micrometer impactor
  3. Using the 2.5 micrometer impactor, the Sidepak can be used to monitor PM-2.5, i.e., fine particulate matter, which is regulated by the EPA and other governmental agencies
  4. The impactor head needs to be cleaned regularly
  5. When changing or cleaning the impactor, you need to apply a thin film of grease to the top of the impactor and also around the "O" ring seal