Vehicle Microenvironment Project

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The motor vehicle is a special kind of indoor environment, which requires special attention. Firstly, vehicles have much smaller volumes than most other indoor environments, and, therefore, pollutants emitted in their interior have the potential to reach peak levels that far exceed anything that would occur in homes, offices, and other indoor locations.

Furthermore, since vehicles are, by their nature, in motion, the ventilation characteristics of motor vehicles are much more volatile than stationary indoor locations. The motor vehicle speed, position of windows, and the operation of air conditions or force-air ventilation all affect the levels of interior air pollutant concentrations.

Hence, the VM project is focused on elucidating the unique physical parameters associated with motor vehicles and to measure and model air pollutant levels that can occur in motor vehicles. Recently, a landmark paper has been published that measured air change rates in different types of passenger vehicles for wide-ranging conditions, as well as verifying the application of the mass balance equation to interior pollutant concentrations due to secondhand smoke ([[Air Change Rates of Motor Vehicles and In-Vehicle Pollutant Concentrations from Secondhand Smoke|Ott et al. 2007]]).

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