Real-Time Particle Monitoring Methods Project

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More and more researchers in health-related disciplines and offices are becoming interested in the real-time monitoring particulate air pollution, using portable and affordable devices that have recently entered the market. However, in the measurement of aerosol concentrations using light scattering and other techniques one must take care to consider various complicating factors, which can erode the accuracy of measurements, such as mixtures of aerosol from different sources, compositional sensitivity of monitors, size-specific sensitivity of monitors, aerosol age, etc.

Hence, the RTPMM project was started to carefully study a range of airborne particle monitor types, testing them in the field, measuring their precision, understanding their response characteristics, comparing them to other types of real-time monitors and to standard methods, and identifying calibration factors for conversion to mass units.

The RTPMM project was initiated by Wayne Ott, Jim Repace and others as several monitoring units, such as the TSI Piezobalance, the Ecochem PAS PAH analyzer, and the GRIMM particle counter were acquired and used in exposure monitoring studies. However, recently there has arisen a need for careful examination of the extremely compact and user-friendly TSI SidePak and other popular real-time particle monitoring devices.

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