Indoor Air Quality Project

Please visit the [[Indoor Air Quality|IAQ Summary Page]] for a list of the aims, investigators, and materials associated with the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) hosted project.

The IAQ project hosted here investigates a wide variety of factors that impact the concentrations of air pollution that can occur in typical indoor environments. These factors include building construction, mass emission rates of different sources, ventilation rates, particle deposition rates, chemical reaction rates (including surface interaction), and indoor-outdoor particle penetration rates.

A key goal of the IAQ project is the validation and application of models for predicting indoor concentrations. Through the use of real-time monitoring techniques, it is possible to verify the performance of indoor air models, as well as to estimate model parameters. The indoor air models used in this project typically rely on a simple mass balance approach. The [[Multi-Chamber Indoor Air Quality Model (MIAQ)|MIAQ model]] is a good example.

Several key studies of the IAQ project have illustrated the combined approach of measuring airborne pollutants in specific microenvironments and validating or parameterizing deterministic models (e.g., [[A Multiple-Smoker Model for Predicting Indoor Air Quality in Public Lounges|Klepeis et al. 1996]] and [[Analytical Solutions to Compartmental Indoor Air Quality Models with Application to Environmental Tobacco Smoke ...|Ott et al. 2003]]).

Since many investigations for the IAQ project involve the general study of ventilation, they are relevant to a range of different sources of indoor air pollution. However, because secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) is a ubiquitous pollutant and information is needed to understand exposures in everyday locations, much of the work for the IAQ project has been focused on SHS. For example, investigators have estimated source strengths for cigars and cigarettes and particle deposition for SHS emissions (e.g., [[Determining Size-Specific Emission Factors for Environmental Tobacco Smoke Particles|Klepeis et al. 2003]]).

In the remaining sections of this chapter on the IAQ project, we describe its various sub-projects in more detail.

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