Getting Around the Website

The website is organized to allow direct access to the elements of specific research projects. Elements include documents, presentations, data sets, software, etc. By clicking on the links along the top of the page, users can see comprehensive lists of each type of material, regardless of the project it is associated with. Alternatively, if a user is interested in materials related to a given topic area or project, they can click on the link for "Matrix of Research Projects" in the navigation panel on the left. This link provides a tabular summary of all the projects and quick access to its related materials.

This website has a very convenient way of organizing and viewing postings belong to defined categories. Every item posted on this website is given a set of "tags" or key words. These tags identify the type of material (software, document, etc.) and the major and minor categories (e.g., air pollution, secondhand smoke, etc.). By clicking on the "Tags" link in the navigation panel, you can see a "cloud" of all the categories that have been assigned to a given post. When viewing a post, the tags assigned to that post are listed just below the title. By clicking on a given tag, you will see a page containing a listing of all nodes that have been assigned to the given category.

ExposureScience.Org exists to provide a cohesive archive of scholarly material associated with specific research projects in human exposure science. Anyone is welcome to contribute documents, software, and data sets.

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