Evaluating and Inter-Relating Real-Time Airborne Particle Monitoring Instruments

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Klepeis NE, Ott WR, Wallace LA, Repace JL, Switzer P (2006) "Evaluating and Inter-Relating Real-Time Airborne Particle Monitoring Instruments," Presented at the International Conference on Epidemiology and Exposure, ISEA/ISEE, Paris, September 2-6, 2006.


This poster presentation contains a description of data measured in 15 co-location experiements using five types of real-time aerosol monitoring instruments. Conversion factors from the native units of the monitors to reference particle mass units were calculated and evaluated.


Neil E. Klepeis, Wayne R. Ott, Lance A. Wallace, James L. Repace, and Paul Switzer


Stanford University, USEPA (retired), Repace Associates


Neil E. Klepeis


International Society of Exposure Analysis (ISEA); International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE)

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October 2006

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